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Could radiometric dating be wrong

If you were a mathematician you would prove this using a “continuous deformation”.

So, if the left is something more than just a mathematical artifact, then it’s another space and time completely independent from our own.

Since nothing travels faster than light, which in these coordinates travels along diagonals, it’s impossible to get from any point in our universe to the other universe.

A black hole is a funnel that pinches off at a singularity.

A worm hole is a funnel (what’s shown here is only a two dimensional funnel) that tapers down to a “throat” (which although thinner never pinches off entirely) which connects to another funnel that opens up somewhere else.

The singularity at the center of a black hole is usually described as a point.

However, this is a symptom of our paltry computational power back when black holes were first being theoretically researched. According to a variety of (modern/powerful) computer models, as a star collapses to form a black hole it often finds itself forming “singularity sheets” in areas where its density becomes large enough.

One of the wild things about ring singularities is that they make the topology of spacetime qualitatively different, in a way not entirely dissimilar to the way that the surface of a sphere is qualitatively different from the surface of a doughnut (or, for our New York readers, a bagel).