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1 21 online adult chat rooms

While the Code of Conduct covers all of the forum and chat rules, the community has requested a more specific description of what conduct generally is and is not allowed.

Any conduct that violates these rules will result in a warning or exclusion by the administration or moderators.

Discrimination against minorities, physically- or mentally-disabled persons, socially disadvantaged groups or others will not be tolerated and any player engaging in these activities will be immediately penalized. Jokes which break our Code of Conduct can result in a ban.

You may find other regional servers by using the game region drop-down menu on The Settlers Online homepage. It will not help you win friends and influence people.

Do not post for the sole purpose of angering other members or intentionally causing negative reactions. We understand that this can be a subjective call, but a pattern of such posting or an especially egregious case will get you banned.

If a player is not using the appropriate chat, please politely direct them to the correct tab.

All players, new and old, should be treated with respect and encouraged to use the chat to build the game community and enjoy playing.

The ban and length of the ban will be the moderator’s decision. What you may see as a joke can be hurtful to other people.

Mature or adult-themed humor can include, but is not limited to, jokes about racism, specific political subjects, illnesses, mature subjects etc... The chat filter is used to help prevent inappropriate or vulgar content from being posted into chat.

This is not an indication that there is anything inherently wrong with the contents of the topics, but The Settlers Online social outlets are not the proper places to hold such debates. Spamming and flooding the chat, forums or other social channels can result in a ban.

Using nonsensical language or characters in chat or on the forums is rude and breaks the flow of communication.

Use English only in the North American servers and forums.