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Or maybe they didn’t take proper crime precautions.

An umbrella is a very useful tool for the rain and the sun.

In Cuenca it can be cloudy and cool or sunny and warm for days on end.

Somethings even cost more, like electronics and brand name makeup (Cover Girl, Revlon…) other things cost the same, like imported food (Orieos, Cheerios…) and clothing. Not really, but you can live on less money than in the States or Canada especially if you don’t buy the things that cost similar to or more than they do there.

We had been told that Cuenca is not all that safe at night (like most cities) but we had been there for a few years with no problems so we were feeling a little too comfortable.

Because of our small town habits we made a wrong decision to have a lengthy conversation on the street in front of our apartment in Cuenca, at night.

We were having a relaxed conversation with our neighbor.

We all carry certain perceptions and habits that could influence the outcome of experiences we have in Cuenca, good or bad. The many things we like about Cuenca (…culture, architecture, climate, language, mix of modern and old infrastructure) could be the same things that other people don’t like.