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Manizalis dating

However, do not go to Manizales for beautiful women, go there because you are in a severe 8-month dry spell, and need easy pussy fast without hiring a prostitute, or just curious to see something off the beaten path in Colombia for foreigners. If you stay 3 weeks, and you hit day game hard (in spanish), by your 2nd week you are just knocking them down like pins in an alley.

You'll see them walking around malls, carrying shopping bags, purses, women's shoes, and usually staring at the floor as their "girl" orders them to massage her feet from all the shoes she has tried on that day that he bought for her. I won't say anything further because this thread could easily get hijacked, and I don't want to deflect attention away from Manizales. Also, definitely save up cash and try to take a trip overseas ASAP. I recommend going to a Latin American country, particularly Colombia or Brazil.

I also have met guys (not many) that have confessed to me to be Virgins at the age of 25 in America! There are guys on this very forum that have gone on huge dry spells of 6 months and come here for help.

We can hijack this thread easily with this topic, I certainly cannot think of going without sex for more than 2 months before I am on a plane back to Colombia to get my EMERGENCY FUCK!

Half the city is full of snow all year round and theres a bunch of snowboarding spots.