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Anni even tried to make Jasmin jealous by flirting and making out with another woman at Nele’s birthday party.

They tried to go back to just being friends again, but Jasmin soon realized that there was more to her feelings for Anni.

She eventually confessed to Anni that she couldn’t stop thinking about her, and they made love again.

Last summer, the character Andrea “Anni” Brehme was added to the long-running soap opera .

It was made clear from the very beginning that Anni is a lesbian.

Jasmin, who was sure that she would never be tempted to sleep with Anni, accepted the bet.

Even though her new roommate Nele, who knew about Anni’s feelings, warned her that she would end up with a broken heart, Anni was certain that Jasmin would eventually give in, especially when she learned that Jasmin had had an erotic dream about her.

But even though Anni’s feelings for Jasmin were put to a test more than once, especially by Jasmin’s stupid and desperate attempts to get media attention, Anni still couldn’t get her out of her head.

When another one of Jasmin’s plans backfired and Kurt left her, Anni again was there for Jasmin.

Unfortunately, as they started to get along better, Anni also started to fall in love with Jasmin.

She tried to fight her feelings and denied them when Jasmin started to suspect that something was going on.

In fact, even though there are some supporting characters on various shows who are lesbian or bisexual or have fallen for another woman at least once, when it comes to featuring a prominent, full-fledged lesbian love story, German TV unfortunately doesn’t have much to offer .