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Bank fishing tuition is also available and those interested should contact yourself and we can take it from there.

They are threatened with violence either to themselves or their loved ones if they don’t.

They may also be made to introduce their friends as new victims.

Coaching will continue over the day and you'll be looked after on following visits.

The young person may believe they are in a genuine friendship or relationship with the abuser.

The ‘boyfriend’ grooms the victim by striking up a seemingly loving relationship with the young person by giving them gifts and going out.

Victims may be required to attend parties and have sex with multiple men.

New for this season - pick up on your first visit or let us know and we'll post you one - pay for 9 visits and get the 10th FREE - PLUS 10% discount for the rest of the season on tackle and goods from the Toft shop The Sky ‘Tight lines’ program featured Toft back in March, for those of you non Sky subscribers or if you missed it, you can download the podcast HERE, it’s quite a large file so give it time, you may also find it directly on the Sky website HERE.