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You dating cat

Yet somehow buying things for the cat is a necessary expenditure.

Remember, this little four–legged queen of sass has the ability to go from zero to batshit furious in the flick of its tail.8. If he asks you back to his, he's not necessarily just trying to get you into bed. So be ready to spend way more time at his place than yours.14. After all, he has specifically chosen an animal that chooses to be elsewhere for large parts of its life. The day you get an actual bona fide purrr from his cat will feel like the biggest victory.

You have to pretend to appreciate constant pictures and videos of the cat: First of all there’s the obsessive need for a reply.

They can’t accept the fact that when you’re sent a picture of the cat it doesn’t fill you with a kind of euphoric joy that will take over your day: ‘Yes, I know you have used Snapchat to put dog ears on Whiskers’ face now but I’m really trying to write my dissertation.’ You can’t reveal the fact you think dogs are clearly the superior animal in every way: We all know it…the cat is simply a poor man’s dog.

It’s essentially the step up from a goldfish or an African land snail.

She shows you things she want to buy for the cat and you have to not reveal that you think it’s a clear waste of money: Being a student is hard, you’ve got a lot to pay for and working twelve hours a week at Topshop doesn’t make you a millionaire.

If the pre-date social media stalk reveals multiple pictures of his mog, you know the deal.

Winning over his mates and family are the least of your worries. You'll be glad to know that the faint whiff you can smell isn't coming from his sweaty bus journey, nor is it his aftershave; it is the scent of numerous cat treats, mixed in with the competing aromas of fresh coffee and fishy cat breath. If you've lied about being a cat person, from the way you stroke a cat he will be able to tell.

They can’t consent to anything romantic so it’s completely wrong), rejoice, for there’s now an app that let’s you, a human, date cats.