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Unregistered cam chats

18 years to form a legally binding contract with Sulekha and are not a person barred, from availing the services offered by Sulekha under the laws as applicable in India.

When you authenticate your email or mobile number for using the local service need platform and register as a member on this Platform, you accept the following terms and conditions: Your registration as a member of this Platform or the use of any of the features and services on this Platform either as a registered member or as an unregistered visitor constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy defined herein.

These terms and conditions apply automatically to any new services and / or features introduced on this Platform.

You hereby give irrevocable consent to Sulekha for sharing the call recordings to other third parties for business purposes of Sulekha.

The mode of contact may be through SMS / email / call, irrespective of whether the User is on the NDNC list or any other similar database.

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