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Is james dating anyone now norcross georgia

When you finally get your 100k to qualify you probably get like .0001% share because Gillies would already have 7 million in share plus everybody else share which is probably another 15 million it will get diluted.

They will tell you story like look at this lady she barely know how to speak English and she is making over 200k.

They tell you they work from the bottom up but they really laughing at how hard you are working, I know this because one of the top guy from told a girlfriend of mines when he was trying to flirt with her, while he was drunk ( he was telling her how rich he was) at a party" Some of them really believe that it is not a scam. Just remember you working under someone who lied to you from the beginning about joining for 125 and encourage you to do the same to all your friends because the business cannot survive without them doing a switch and bait.

And if you ask them later when you see the true cost they will tell you that they thought you already knew - as if they were really surprised.

And the Brian Moua (Gillie older brother) guy in FFS that state that he is the farmer who became rich from FFS don't believe him.