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But residents in the rich parts of the city worry that new backyard units will wreck the architectural integrity, and neighbors in the poor parts of the city fear that if planning is liberalized, they will bear the brunt of the new density.

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But when carbon monoxide poisoning from that hibachi heater kills the kids, or when a bad-wiring fire burns the place down, following the rules would have saved lives.

For years now, city of Los Angeles homeowners trying to add small second units on their lots — the granny flats many of us interested in housing solutions have long advocated as one of the ways to get to a society in which everyone has a roof over their heads — have followed the rules, and paid tens of thousands of dollars in permitting fees, and still been thwarted from building.

Just as that all-encompassing word can’t be expected to describe a spectrum of housing or lack of it that has its subtleties, along with the rest of the human condition.