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Dating programme paddy mcguinness

And there are another two children on the way.“Even two people from our crew met behind the scenes and have just got married.

At the time I was like, 'Yes, have that lads', and now I'm going 'Oh God. '."Meanwhile, Paddy's own dating hit, Take Me Out, has been popular with viewers ever since it started a staggering seven years ago.

Veterinary student Kerry Beachom, 30, and car salesman Greig Senior, 35, appeared a year earlier in 2011 but actually met at the series three wrap party a year on and later married.

It wasn’t a smooth path to love for Adam Ryan and Beckie Finch on series eight in 2016 – he turned off Beckie’s light and headed to Fernando’s with another date.

He's been TV’s top matchmaker for ten years now..Paddy Mc Guinness says he’s so in love with Take Me Out he can’t imagine quitting.

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