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Evolution and Early Distribution Taxonomy North American Red foxes British Red foxes Size Appearance and Colour Samson foxes Distribution Habitat Abundance Ageing and Longevity Mortality and Disability Parasites and Diseases Sexing Activity Dens/Earths and Resting Sites Senses Vision Hearing Smell Touch Territoriality and Home Range Predators Food and Feeding Types of prey consumed Prey switching The influence of age and sex on diet How much food?

SRH Essentials will provide practice nurses with the tools to know what to do when seeing patients needing contraception, STI testing or emergency contraception.

On completion of SRH Essentials, practice nurses will have the skills and confidence to assess: SRH Essentials has been designed to provide a solid foundation for non-sexual and reproductive health specialists who see patients with sexual and reproductive health needs, be they practice nurses who have recently moved into the role and who have little or no experience in sexual and reproductive health, or those who have been working as practice nurses but have only undertaken a small amount of training in this area.

We regret that as a recruitment consultancy we are unable to seek visas for applicants not holding current entitlement to work in the UK.

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