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One Sunday evening, she was sitting on a bench on Leidseplein, a busy square in the city centre, waiting for a friend, when a man, Vic, sat down next to her.

He told the Sunday Mirror the child killer said abducting and murdering the toddler was ' going to the shop'.

In an exclusive interview in today's You magazine, she reveals why she refuses to reveal her child's name - or its gender.

She is pictured top inset with her boyfriend Leyman Lahcine.

Bathed in eerie red light are three women wearing only lace underwear.

One plays nonchalantly with her phone, not bothering to look up at the men leering at her. A third sways gently from side to side, staring out with a fixed smile. They come here in their droves, on holiday or for stag weekends, to gawp through the windows of the city's brothels.

That was enough for me - I didn't want to hear any more of that.' It is nearly 11pm as snow falls on the narrow streets of Amsterdam.

Two young men wearing hoodies swagger up to one of the full-length windows in the most famous sex district in the world.

Here, Mail Online takes a look into the history and circumstance that led to the capturing of the most iconic images of the past 100 years.