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The first is his award-winning debut, Moon, a tiny £3 million-budget, exquisitely shot, nightmarish tale of an astronaut on the last days of his mining mission.

There were a lot of people about but it didn’t interest me and to be honest I didn’t pay much attention.’Film school in London followed, then several industry jobs working in production houses, at a special-effects company, and finally in advertising (making commercials for Heinz Ketchup, French Connection and Mc Cain Oven Chips), before Jones felt he was ready to make his first feature film.

Too many rejections to mention – ‘I don’t want to embarrass them by putting their names out there, but I did start to wonder, God, is this ever going to happen?

I’d use my Star Wars figures, Smurfs toys, whatever I had, and make these little animated films.