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They have a shared love of games, science, and culinary adventures. Sexual pleasure has inspired poetry and artwork for millennia, and has been speculated upon by scientists for centuries.

Violette Coquette is a burlesque artist and “feminist provocateur” who thrives on the magical energy created when a live performer and audience connect under glittering lights.

Violette regularly performs locally and has also performed on numerous burlesque festival stages, including the 2016 New Orleans Burlesque Festival, the 2017 London Burlesque Festival, and MELT cabaret in Stockholm, Sweden.

Even today, much of what we know about the neural bases of sexual pleasure is based on experimental brain manipulation in rodents.

Human research tends to focus on the neural pathologies of patients with nervous system damage who experience unusual sexual pleasure.

With a doctorate in Behavioural Neuroscience, she largely spends her days working as the Associate Dean, Administration, in Mac Ewan University’s Faculty of Arts and Science and doing research with one inch zebrafish.

About ten years ago, after developing a course on Human Sexuality, she combined her expertise in brain science with her fascination with human sexuality and developed a second line of research on human sexual behaviour in exceptional populations.

” Yes, but machines can do the same things for us now!

From heart-lung bypass and ECMO to hemodialysis in renal therapy, we have gained the ability to replace various bodily supports for organs.

She has performed with theatre company Send in the Girls Burlesque’s productions “Shakespeare’s Sirens” (nominated for two Sterling awards) and “With Glowing Hearts”, and will be headlining the Itty Bitty Burlesque Festival with Send in the Girls later this Spring.

Violette is the co-founder of House of Hush Burlesque and currently produces a monthly burlesque show at Crash Hotel.

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