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Literary speed dating providence

After a nasty encounter with a witch who wants her ruby red slippers, she feels quite unwelcomed and longs to go back home, but the only one who can bring her home is the Wizard of Oz, residing in Emerald City.

I know a lot of the previous examples I gave might be more relatable to young audiences because they are more recent, so let’s use a classic.

They are always watching the lastest movies, either in the theatre or at home on DVD.

Even after 50 years of watching movies, they still come back to The Wizard of Oz as a favorite.

It doesn’t get any more classic than The Wizard of Oz.

My dad and his brothers, AKA my uncles, are very much into movies.

The tin man is not the only one to talk about the heart as a metaphor and a symbol.

In fact, we use the heart as an expression and idiom a lot in the English language.

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