Start Updating the corporate minutes

Updating the corporate minutes

Why should such small private corporations pay to have lawyers keep and maintain minute books for their company?

Failing to maintain minute book records of financial maters can be costly.

The minute book lawyers at Kahane Law Office can help properly maintain your corporate minute books. At Kahane Law Office, when we maintain minute books, we do more than just change the date on annual resolutions.

We work with your accountant, if any, and will: Below are some of the potential hidden costs and dangers when people do not maintain minute books properly.

You will also need copies of all meeting minutes such as those recorded at annual meetings and any special meetings that were held to discuss company changes.

Don’t forget to include a current LLC member ledger that tracks ownership of the company, including the percentage owned by each member.

It’s 4 products in 1 for total entity protection – one full year is easily less than one hour of attorney advice!

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Additionally, as corporations offer significant liability protection to shareholders, losing this status may result in personal liability.