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Will demps dating

At home, she is depressed and comforts herself with food before having a breakthrough and realizing she is beautiful and worthy of being loved.

The film received mostly negative reviews, with Rotten Tomatoes reporting that out of 43 reviews, 10 were "Fresh" and 33 "Rotten", making for an overall 23% approval rating and the consensus: "Although Phat Girlz has good intentions, it is sloppily made and thin on laughs." The film has a slightly higher score of 36/100 on Metacritic, indicating "generally unfavorable" reviews.

The San Francisco Chronicle praised the film, saying "Clumsily directed yet entertainingly written by Oakland native Nnegest Likké, Phat Girlz is like Rocky with cellulite. It has a lot of heart and soul, but it's almost never mean-spirited." and also claims that the romance between Jazmin (Mo'Nique) and Tunde (Jean-Louis) is too drawn out, "quite possibly because writer-director Nnegest Likke has nothing else in her scenario to sustain audience interest".

The film is considered to be successful because it made its $3 million production budget back in its first weekend of release.

It only made $340,762 overseas and thus has only made $7,401,890 worldwide.

Of course, Mannix said this before the Celtics landed Gordon Hayward and before they traded for Kyrie Irving. But what hasn’t changed is the Celtics’ obsession with Davis, as highlighted by the Adrian Wojnarowski story last month.

To make the money work in a Davis trade, the C’s would definitely have to part with Al Horford - but that would likely be a move go-big-or-go-home Danny Ainge would make.

Other teams on the fringe do not have enough assets (Wizards, Raptors, Bucks, Knicks, Timberwolves, Blazers) and the bottom-feeders of the league would not be interested in Davis anyway considering that we’ve seen that “The Brow” surrounded by below average talent simply translates into a sub .500 record.

Jazmin Biltmore is a smart-mouthed, frustrated, plus-sized, aspiring fashion designer and department store employee who is obsessed with her weight.

She and best friend Stacey find the first day at the spa embarrassing, as hotel robes don't fit, and the massage table is quite small for their thick figures.

They leave in frustration to join Mia, who has been ogling a Nigerian man swimming in the pool.

Tunde clarifies that the woman is a maid, he delivered the baby, and the maid doesn't understand English.