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Body language dating tips

Smiling for too long can make you look like an escaped psychotic.

Many times introverts or shy people will have many of the same traits or characteristics.

Just because someone may have one or two of the traits of a shy person does not mean that the person is shy.

You will want to watch the body language of a shy man or women as you approach them as you will literally see them start to get uncomfortable when you have entered into their private space and that space may be larger than for someone who is very outgoing.

From the first impression to the kiss goodbye, body language is a vital part of the attraction process.

[Read: 20 clear signs of attraction in the first conversation] #3 Turn it on. As touched upon in #2, the body will point or direct itself away from the other person in the conversation if there is a lack of interest or feeling of threat.

The body is showing that it’s ready to make a swift escape.

Square on body exposure is quite a major thing for the subconscious to engage in, and it may take them a little while to be comfortable enough to do that. One of the greatest tools in the charmer’s arsenal is the smile.