Start Free sex chat from ipod

Free sex chat from ipod

in the end, you “may” receive a free ipod ( i am sure there will be some caveat/trick like they will say one of your friends supposedly didn't fullfill their part of the bargain ), but the hassle of having to cancel services (which will try very hard to sucker you back in) and receiving lots of crap in the mail is not worth it really.

i used to use their first website,, and never had any problems with them.

they can give free stuff away because they have a successful advertising model that advertisers value.

to the right company this is very valuable info and worth paying for.

if the economics work for gratis and people who receive the ipods aren't hassled too much then why complain.

people signing up to the offer has recently spiked unsurprisngly due to increased publicity and purely due to the fact it is a real offer.

it all seems pretty above board on all accounts so if you have 5 friends who would be willing to sign u,p give it a go and let's see how you get on.

and it's just a stupid mp3 player that holds like 1 gig of songs anyway. – by chinaroseszfirst, yes it is like aleph nought.