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Assume that, at any time, 14 / 6 C is a negligible fraction of the total mass of carbon and that the measured activity of the sample is purely due to g4C.

Also assume that the ratio of mass of 14 / 6 C to total carbon mass in the atmosphere (the source of the carbon in the sample) is the same at present and on the day when the number of 14 / 6 C atoms in the sample was set.

This pyramid is believed to have been built over a 20-30 year period and it is the only survivor of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Carbon-14, an unstable isotope of carbon, follows a well-known sequence of decay processes.

The site was first prepared by leveling the surface and then blocks of stone were transported and placed.

It was finished with an outer casing which was used to smooth the surface. Some interesting data: it is 756 feet long on each side, 480 feet high and is composed of approximately 2,300,000 blocks of stone, each averaging 2 1/2 tons in weight. This is a positional number system based on sixty, rather than ten.

For about 4500 years it was the tallest building in the world. There is much speculation on exactly how this pyramid and its companions were actually constructed. They used a vertical wedge to represent a unit and a sidewys wedge to represent ten units.