Start Hk 94 serial number dating

Hk 94 serial number dating

Aftermarket outboard repair manuals are available covering 1958 through 2014.

As most rifles were already manufactured with iron sights for the "m/94 bullet", the aiming correction in mills (how much lower you had to aim to hit the target) was inscribed on the brass disc. 3 means pitting in the whole bore (= unserviceable).

The last sector gives information on the level of bore pitting. 2 means pitting in the groves and on the side of the lands.

Grips marked March 2003, P229R DAKAM17XXX-2/04-.40 S&W DA/SA Nitron w/NS. AM77XXX-2/08(from box)-40, E29-40-SSS Stainless, no rail, AM81XXX-Platinum Elite .40 -2007AM82XXX-3/08-.40 Stainless Elite AM85XXX-4/08, E29R-40- Nitron Elite AM87XXX-2/08, E29R-40- Stainless Steel Elite AM103XXX-11/08-.357(has a DE after all the numbers)date on mags is 1/08 (3 mags)Date on blue box is 11/18/08 no rail AM109XXX-8/09-LEO weapon, Nitron, .40 DAK; NS; 3 mags AM112XXX-12/09(from box),40, blue box. I have absolutely no interest in maintaining the list for that particular model.

08AM1xxx9-3/03-.40, Blue box,(3)12rd LEO mags and night sights. 229 Elite Stainless .40, 2-12 round mags,nite sites,rail,blue boxpurchased 07/09. Last edited by: Opus Dei, Also, is anyone interested in handling the P229 section?

If you have any information to contribute for any SIG models, please post it in this thread, and I'll make the appropriate additions. Anyone who feels like taking on that role is free to do so. These are the original grips, don't know why they have a date later than the date I purchased the gun. The middle and right grip screws have the same diameter shank, the left/oldest screw shank is thinner.

-Originally posted on November 30, 2009 Thanks to this forum, I purchased my first pistol, a P220....which has subsequently led to a healthy obsession with various models, mainly old school P220's and P226's. 10 round mags that came with gun are dated 12/96 and are the zipper back type made in Germany. To reiterate, the screw on the right is the latest production P226 specific screw, and has a taller head.

"Landstormen" was the name for the Swedish Teritorial Army.