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It's not easy to emotionally process, but it is the truth about our society.

This is legalized pedophilia and rape commercial, free of charge, for all sick bastards of the world. Hope you all rote in hell (if such place exist, if not, it should be invented for people who like this kind of "art"). They are familiar with tactics how to blend into conventional opinion about anything...

The trend is so prominent, that even DARPA and the Commonwealth of Nations are considering building Blockchain messengers for their own use.

However, none of the decentralized solutions presented so far have managed to reach a degree of popularity enjoyed by the biggest legacy players in the industry.

But sooner he finds that Vukmir and his crew are involved in sick snuff films of pedophilia, necrophilia and torture and there is no way back to him and maybe it is too late to protect his family.

Director of this film (i hope god will arrange) deserves punch in a face.

However, Vukmir neither show the screenplay nor tell the story to Milos.

Milos discuss the proposal with Marija and he signs the contract.

The most popular IM apps today are centralized: Whats App, Skype, Viber, Telegram - they all use corporate servers to send messages across the network.