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Sex dating in hugh florida

5) Helen Gurley Brown ### Helen Gurley Brown may not have been as "inventive" as some of the other people on this list, or as prolific, but as the editor-in-chief of , Brown introduced an entire generation of women to the idea that they could have a career, have sex, and still land a husband.

When that wasn’t enough to keep him busy, he’d have people tied to stakes so he could run around in an animal pelt "assaulting" their genitals.

We wouldn’t want to meet the guy, that’s for sure, but you have to give him points for inventiveness.

When you’re responsible for .5% of the men on earth? 2) Madonna ### Love her or hate her (and there are plenty in the latter camp), but you can’t deny Madonna’s impact on contemporary sexuality.

This is the woman who writhed around in a wedding dress while singing "Like A Virgin", sported an infamous cone bra, sang a song simultaneously about praying .

inventive ways of getting your subjects to fulfill your rapacious desires? And so, in the spirit of sexual liberation, we’ve collected and sifted the ten greatest sex lives in history, to provide you with a little inspiration for when the missionary position just isn’t cutting it anymore.

1) Genghis Khan ### Genghis Khan is remembered as a fierce warlord, but did you know he was quite possibly a direct ancestor of 8% of the Central Asian population?

Think about that the next time you’re searching your cell-phone contacts for a friend with benefits.

4) Emperor Nero ### His uncle Caligula may get all the credit for freakiness, but if you want an emperor who really put some thought into his sexual depravity, you have to go with Nero.

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Taking full advantage of her power, Catherine not only modernized and expanded the Russian Empire, she also plucked up whatever handsome men she wanted as lovers.