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Define accommodating resistance

The trainee must choose any type of Bench Press variation and perform roughly 9 sets of 3 repetitions at 50% 1RM.

Target the appropriate muscle groups (listed below) but focus on your individual weaknesses.

Find movements you suck at and do them until you’re proficient.

Many have the theory that to squat, bench, or deadlift more, you simply have to do the three lifts.

If it were that simple no one would need special exercises, machines, or systems of training.

Dynamic Effort Accessory Work is largely the same as Maximal Effort Accessory Work with the only major difference being Dynamic Effort days tend to be higher volume/lower intensity than Maximal Effort days.

The trainee still must focus on improving her/his individual weaknesses through the use of special exercises and must constantly aim to improve her/his accessory work.

The trainee must choose any type of Deadlift variation and perform 6-10 sets of 1-3 repetitions using 60-85% 1RM.

One day per week is devoted to Dynamic Effort Bench Press training and it runs on a 3-week pendulum wave.

Since most people have insufficient means to use bands, chains, weight releasers, or specialty bars (i.e.

don’t train at a powerlifting gym), in addition to the fact that this article is already atrociously long, I’ve made the executive decision to stress the importance of accommodating resistance but exclude explicit directions on how to use them.

I’d note this article is not meant to be read once with immediate comprehension as I fully expect my readers will need to read, re-read, and read this article again in order to understand all of the material provided.