Start Adult chat for ipad without sign up

Adult chat for ipad without sign up

Company: Spectrum Visions Price: $29.99 Rating: 4 Stars (22) Voice4u, is a revolutionary AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) application that helps individuals to express their feeling, thought, actions and things they need.

Fast forward to 2011 and the i Pad has revolutionized the assistive communication world.

At an affordable price, the easy to use i Pad has become the most recommended device when an assistive communication device is needed.

Company: 2nd Half Enterprises LLC Price: $39.99 Rating: 4 Stars (18) My Talk Tools Mobile for the i Phone, i Pod touch and i Pad enables people with communication difficulties to express their needs and desires to those around them.

Here are seven assistive communication apps for the i Pad that you may find useful: Company: Assistive Ware Price: $189 Rating: 4 ½ Starts (284 Ratings) Proloque2Go is the most well known of of all the assistive communications apps on the i Pad. Still the $689 you spend ($500 for i Pad and $189 for Proloque2go) is far cheaper than dedicated AAC devices.

One negative is that this app is for the i Pad only.

The feature set is definitley not as robust as Proloque2Go, but you get what you pay for.

This post is part two of the Special Needs i Pad & App Series.