Start The 90 day dating challenge

The 90 day dating challenge

The final vote will be held in Guelph, Ontario at a location and date to be announced.

In this week, you will pull out memorabilia like your wedding album and video; retell your love story to your children; or create a “flashback” date and return to the place you met, first said, “I love you,” first kissed, had your first date, proposed or honeymooned.

Fanning the flame on passion is what the 90 Day Red Hot Romance Challenge is all about.

What Bill and I have observed in our 36 years of marriage ministry is when couples hit a difficult patch, or one or both are feeling disinterested, disengaged or distracted, a marriage can be reignited when one of two things happens. They both commit to be “all in” for a focused period of time so new skills can be learned and feelings of love can be rekindled as new happy and satisfying memories are experienced.

When one person loves like God loves, it raises the possibility for God transform your marriage.

If you want a and a sizzling, satisfying, sex life, commit to the 90 Day Red Hot Romance Challenge to give God the time and opportunity to give you back those honeymoon feelings.

Additional items such as videos, lifestyle photos, etc may be emailed to [email protected] help demonstrate overall transformation.

Note: Once submitted the completed entry becomes the sole property of Body Systems Nutrition to be used in any manner deemed appropriate.

The “Body Systems Challenge” is a 90 day transformation challenge for Body Systems Nutrition customers.