Start Msn dating personals match

Msn dating personals match

Since when do über hotties need a specialized online dating service?

Hey, I read “The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling More” by Chris Anderson (OK, I just read the Amazon review). Certainly, there are plenty of successful specialized, online dating sites outside of the big catch-alls like e Harmony and, JDate, Farmers, Gothic Match and Green Friends. Any skin-deep beauty seeking love on the Internet is guaranteed damaged down to the bone.

Yeah, yeah, they’re soooooooo busy, they “just don’t have time” to meet attractive equals offline. Making movies is a major time suck, yet Johnny Depp sure didn’t meet Winona Rider, Kate Moss or Vanessa Paradis in cyberspace.

But like so many other things on the Inter Web, it’s an illusion.