Start Dating site members 2016

Dating site members 2016

"We got a little slow going from mid-October through November, and I was really worried.

He assumed that a complete rebranding would be required at the site, which is now his full-time job. on Election Day, Goss was nursing a beer wondering what he was going to do with the site after the votes were counted, presumably in Hillary Clinton's favor.

"When he actually won, all the thinking and plans went out the window. They went ahead with a slight redesign, making the website appear more "Trumpian" and presidential, he says.

The website was only founded about three years ago in 2013 in Berlin, Germany by German entrepreneurs Lukas Brosseder and David Khalil.

By completing this personality test, Elite Singles can more easily find you the matches that you would best get along with and could start a relationship with.

The name of ‘Elite Singles’ is done for a reason as this particular online dating website focuses on those members of society who are highly educated, well-off professionals who are looking for other singles who are in the same class as them in terms of their intelligence, personality, and work ethic.

Elite Singles is a relatively new online dating website which advertises itself as being available to premium members looking for serious relationships.

The website brought in over 60 million euros in total revenue and has hundreds of thousands of members who have signed up and joined since Elite Singles first started a few years ago.