Start Bipolar romantic relationships dating and marriage

Bipolar romantic relationships dating and marriage

Being anxious or concerned over their reaction is normal.

They just are unable to handle, for whatever reasons, your illness. Also, better to find out now than when you are needing the extra support from your partner and they drop the ball.

Once the illness has been disclosed and your relationship has progressed nicely, you can discuss making him/her more involved in your recovery efforts.

This too will help demystify the bipolar and create a stronger bond. “The Bipolar Disorder Answer Book” by Charles Atkins, M.

If you know someone with bipolar, what are you going to do this week to help them feel accepted?

“I have bipolar disorder and it’s manageable.” It is more common than not that people have distorted views of the mental illness, bipolar. Once you put out there that you have bipolar, you can then address these false beliefs.

Be prepared that your love interest could go off the deep end. Think of it this way, it is better to find out now than when you are more involved and have more emotions invested in the relationship.

In the midst of full-blown mania or major depression, love may mean making tough decisions – perhaps closing bank or credit card accounts, limiting access to drugs or alcohol, or even having your loved one hospitalized against their will.