Start Ugandan christains for dating

Ugandan christains for dating

The duo, Fr Lourdel and Brother Amans with their companions, set out for the territories of Victoria Nyanza and Tanganyika in 1877.

What is not under dispute, however, is the fact that Islam arrived in Uganda at least 33 years earlier than Christianity.

Although Islam was not introduced in Uganda through a well organised missionary system, many people in Buganda including King Mutesa I nevertheless embraced it.

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It is however also believed that some other Arab/Swahili Muslims reached Buganda in the late 1830s, during King Ssuuna II’ s reign.

It is also possible that Islam could have reached Uganda earlier through the northern axis, from Egypt and Sudan.

Lourdel and Amans lead Fr Venn recounts that Lourdel wanted to continue the journey to Uganda and after discussion, Fr Livinhac, who was the superior of the group, agreed that Lourdel and Amans go ahead of the group.

They bought a boat and hired eight oarsmen and five guards.

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The culture of Uganda is made up of a diverse range of ethnic groups.