Start Dating libra woman

Dating libra woman

This discovery will act also as a sudden open window for a flame: draught will catch him up, and turn into a universal fire of love to which the Sagittarius man aspires now, and from which he so cowardly tried to escape - some time ago. I know a Sagittarius man and he's and asshole. I had sex with him one time and it wasn't all that great I am married to a SAG and I am a Libran woman. but once we got married if it's not about him then it's not going to happen. He is still in contact with his former female friends and will go out of the way for them ... His apologies are not genuine and honestly we were better friends than being married. Always doing the sweetest most subtle things one minute and needing space the next. But he lie for no reason and I be knowing the truth. We are still both young and we go thru the hard times of a relationship. Patience with one another is very important in this relationship.