Start Internalized racism and dating

Internalized racism and dating

In an analysis of interviews with 184 young Californian adults who grew up in immigrant Korean and Vietnamese families (Pyke and Dang 2003).

A typical result is mocking your own accent [Various Asian youtubers], perpetuating stereotypes about your own race [small penis, misogyny, short height, lack of creativity].

Such is the nature of stereotypes such as the model minority.

We aren’t all rich, educated, and hyper intelligent. One need not experience discrete, identifiable instances of overt discrimination to internalize racial oppression.

It is neither a consequence of weakness, ignorance, inferiority, psychological defect, gullibility, or shortcoming of those who possess internalized racism. It means it is the result of all the institutions , whether it is media , government , social narratives , that affect the very way a person thinks about themselves, and others.