Start Internalized racism and dating

Internalized racism and dating

What happens when those with internalized racism come to believe their subordinated identity as real?

Height for example, is a trait that is not inherent to Asians as much as those who stereotype to be think it is.

Short height is caused by the decades of war and starvation caused directly by western imperialism in Asia [1].

To Asian men, this might mean by kowtowing to the white man, you’ll get to touch “his” women.

And to Asian women, this means by shunning Asian men and all that’s Asian, they’ll become accepted as a white woman in yellowface.

woke], any attempts to do so are done per categories and meanings dictated by their oppressors [5]. This occurs in a phenomenon called by those with internalized racism by attempting to become a part of the dominant group or distancing themselves from those who are the same as them.

When it comes to Asians, the most obvious example of this includes those who call other Asians as FOBs, to distance themselves from other Asians by pretending to be Assimilated, and therefore part of the dominant[white] group.

[4]The repetition of these themes, has overtime been coupled to the casual racism that Asians experience from society at large.

Does anyone wonder why Asians often experience so much casual racism?

It’s not because you are inherently racist , nor are white people more attractive then the rest of us. Most of this implantation, or brainwashing, starts from the media but is repeated by society at large The result of this implantation of these ideas is self -hate.

A typical result is mocking your own accent [Various Asian youtubers], perpetuating stereotypes about your own race [small penis, misogyny, short height, lack of creativity].

This is the double bind of oppressed identities, as previously noted, for the subjugated cannot so easily escape their “otherness” (Gilman 1986).

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