Start Dating wardrobe chest

Dating wardrobe chest

If placed in a sealed, unfurnished enclosure while wearing an item from the chest, the wearer will either seemingly spontaneously contract a flesh-eating disease that begins in the areas not covered by the clothing, or suffer the failure of an organ located beneath an imperfection in the article.

After four (4) hours of general inactivity, subject picked up the handgun and examined it; while holding it at roughly eye level, the weapon discharged into D-690's forehead, where the size adjustment band would have been.

Firearm retrieved; surviving subject transported back to quarters.

SUBJECT: D-771, a 23-year-old white male ARTICLE: Sweater vest from above trial IMPERFECTION(S): Same as mentioned TEST RESULTS: D-771 was this time placed in an empty room, dimensions 15 m x 15 m x 15 m; only objects in the enclosure were lights overhead.

Further testing locations will be selected to minimize possible damage to the surrounding area. ██████ [Unplanned experiment; an unidentified individual left an article from SCP-025 on Dr.