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Linsday lohan dating

Aside from the clickety-clack of her stilettos, the studio is dead silent.

Leading roles in Freaky Friday, Mean Girls and Herbie: Fully Loaded soon followed, cementing her rep as an actress with superior chops.

She released a couple of albums that sold well, poked around in fashion and started exploring more serious roles.

No need to reflect on how we got here–the courtroom drama, the Hail Mary hearings–we’re just thankful it’s where we are. Airtight nondisclosure agreements and blood oaths notwithstanding, it turns out the entire world knows exactly what Lindsay is up to, how much the magazine is paying her and why it is or isn’t the best or worst thing any famous person, living or dead, has ever done.

By nightfall, Lindsay Lohan Playboy is a trending topic on Google.

When you Google "Lindsay Lohan Riley," the results all point to Riley Giles, a snowboarder she met in rehab in 2007.

]: It could also say "Riley 8" or, as we're assuming, "Riley G" (it's a weird G, but just hear us out).

By the next morning, millions of people around the globe have weighed in on the matter, asking mostly the same questions: Why would she? Hell, even the panty-waists at The New York Times will devote a column to the topic.

From where we’re standing, the answer is simple: She’s a grown-ass woman, we paid her a pretty penny and half the earth’s population wanted to see her naked.

“She’s blonde and happy and she looks good,” a friend of Lohan’s tells PEOPLE, who adds the actress is currently living between London and Dubai, where she is enjoying the attention she gets from locals.

“She’s oddly very popular there and she is kind of like Paris Hilton,” the friend says of Lohan’s life in Dubai.

After months of dedicated prayer and endless negotiation, Our Lady of TMZ has revealed her ultimate secret.