Start Dating a paralyzed girl

Dating a paralyzed girl

They'd come up with weird pick-up lines, like, 'Hey, so how are we going to get busy on that thing (the wheelchair)?

"We joked a lot and had a lot of sexual innuendo and energy before we even got to that point (of a physical relationship)." Tricia sustained a T4-5 injury in a car accident 13 years ago, at age 17.

Ted had been dating the woman who is now his fiancée for seven months when he crashed his ATV almost two years ago and broke his neck.

One of his earliest worries was, "If I'm in a wheelchair, how can she really love me?

February 14, 2006 Dating is hard enough in the best of times; after a spinal cord injury, insecurities about body image and doubts about one's desirability as a romantic partner can become a major concern.