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In a country with great transportation methods and managers on call, idols usually don’t need a car of their own.

It’s hard to keep tabs on Kpop idols lately with all the news and rumors circulating. Here’s a list of some Kpop idols confirmed to be dating by their agencies and representatives.

There are also some who have kept their relationship as a secret and have been dating for a while: Soyeon (T-ARA) and Oh Jong Hyuk – December 2010 (September 2013 official announcement) to present Prior to their official statement, the two have been dating for the past 3 years after meeting each other on several TV programs.

They try their hardest, but many couple are found and revealed through specific evidences found by netizens.

They know each other, but they are not dating,” the rep from Key East explained.

The celebrity couple rumors also are always sniffing around them.

While it’s mostly gossip, there are certain romance “news” items that, in our heart of hearts, we’re dying to be true.

For instance, an icy idol suddenly shooting aegyo all over the place on stage after a music show win can mean that he’s secretly dedicating the win to his girlfriend.