Start Sex dating in bill moores alaska

Sex dating in bill moores alaska

This is the very thing that the original three page version of HB44, the Alaska Safe Children’s Act, is trying to prevent.

“I think Erin’s Law is an excellent, excellent piece of legislation. They lost their daughter to teen violence last year, after Breanna Moore was shot and killed by her boyfriend.

The Moores worked with Senator Lesil Mc Guire (R-Anchorage) and Millett to amend Erin’s Law to include teen violence.

That potentially will kill it.” Moore told the committee that he understood their motivation for combining the two other bills to HB44.

The other bills were not able to muster enough support to pass the legislature, he observed.

Her husband reminded committee members that the governor called for passage of Erin’s Law, not the other bills attached as riders.

That bill passed the House 34-6 and had 17 cosponsors, he noted. “And what you have done, Senator Dunleavy, is you have added a bunch of junk on this train that has nothing to do with this bill.

Huggins sought to establish that what the Senate Education Committee was doing by amending HB44 was not dissimilar to techniques often employed by Mc Guire to get legislation passed.

The teen violence component was also an amendment, he said.

Senate Bill 89, sponsored by Dunleavy, is for all intents and purposes the antithesis to the legislative intent of HB44.

It would allow parents to opt their children out of any curriculum pertaining to sexuality or sexually transmitted diseases.

The proclamation read: “Sexual Abuse/Sexual Assault Prevention Programs, previously under consideration by the Senate and the House of Representatives during the first regular session.” Public testimony was, again, not permitted outside of guests invited by the committee.