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Moldovia community dating site md

Citește mai departe...(UPDATE ) Magistrates of the Chişinău District Court in Buiucani accepted the prosecutors' request and issued preventive arrest warrants on two suspects in the file on the illegal medicine trading scheme. A private security company risks being deprived of activity license after its employee shot two people.

In total, police picked up about 250 bottles of wines.

The owner of the house was unable to present documents proving the provenance of the beverages. A policeman was found dead in the forest of Ciocana sector of Chisinau.

Refugees from the Transnistrian region welcome the legislative changes that allow them to privatize their houses.

The President of the Refugee Movement, Anatolie Bîzgu, declared that the period of contradictions between the authorities and the beneficiaries ended and they hope for a more Citește mai departe...

The parties discussed the socio-political situation in our country.

Greceanii told about the priorities of the Party of Socialists faction at the spring-summer session of the parliament, and the social and economic initiatives of the PSRM.

Community development is a long-term process of helping community to strengthen itself capacity to work collectively which entails the mobilization, participation and involvement of local people on common issues identified and prioritized by them through implementation of various activities and projects, reflecting the Christian belief and Catholic Social Teaching.

130 years had to wait children with special needs until their turn came to study in a kindergarten with appropriate conditions 120 children with special needs, for 15 years were deprived of the right... 80 people will give more input on community’s’ life due to renovated Social Center of Caritas from Slobozia Rashkov, Kamenka district, Transnistrian region. The debut of summer in Orhei district is expected to be attractive, engaging, playful, and funny. Pe 13 octombrie curent, în incinta Palatului Municipal de Cultură din Bălți, s-a desfăşurat Conferința pedagogilor și maiștrilor din învățământul profesional tehnic sub genericul “Competențe pentru competitivitate: premise pentru modernizare și inovație în Învățământul Profesional... The volunteers festival has become traditional for Caritas Moldova, that organized its VI-th edition on 27-th September 2014. On July 11, 2014 Caritas Moldova has organized a final Evaluation meeting of the project “Healthy choices for youth in rural areas in preventing HIV/AIDS”.

Other procedural conditions were also approved for the recognition of the documents on the studies […] The post Moldova Government approves diploma format for Tiraspol-based “Taras Shevchenko” University appeared first on

The Swedish company SAMRES AB ( works in the service sector with coordination of public transports in the North-European countries Sweden and Norway.

The Syrian government denounced the attack as a “war […]Russian media sources revealed that on Tuesday Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, instructed the Russian Defence Ministry to begin talks with its Lebanese counterpart to sign a military cooperation agreement between Russia and Lebanon.