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Springfield nebraska dating

Parts may be difficult to find, depending on what it is, but all gauges will interchange firing pins and retainer screws, hammers, mainsprings, safeties and sears.

12 gauge was offered in 30", 28", and 26" barrels, 16 and 20 ga came in 28" and 26", with a few years offering a 24". Chokes are fixed, the longer barrels having left-mod/right-full, the shorter barrels being left IC/right Mod. If you find one that you like, close it up and remove the fore end, then give the barrels a twist to see how tight the lockup is.

Savage double shotguns were originally manufactured in Utica, NY up to about 1945-46 and the barrels will be so marked.

Between 19, production was moved to Chicopee Falls, NY, and after 1961 all Savage double guns have been built in Westfield, Mass.

Look at the stock where it attaches to the action; splits are not uncommon, nor are they uncommon on the fore end at the hinge plate.