Start Asus bios updating tool

Asus bios updating tool

We are fortunate that guys at FDOS site have prepared one suitable for us.

If you're making a CD ISO and have no need to "limit yourself" to the standard formatted floppy size of 1.44Mb, you'll have room for bigger files and/or more tools if you use the 2.88 version of FDOEM: FDSTD.288"standard" image has a bunch of irrelevant (for THIS purpose) utilities, and IMPORTANT! Also, if you look more closely, the whole procedure - except the very final step - happens at the linux prompt.

The title was misleading only to those who look for problems.

I have Linux and I cannot flash my BIOS via conventional methods.

In other words: If the mount went without errors, copy BIOS flash utility and new BIOS image to the mounted floppy disk image.

You'll probably have to unzip the archive you downloaded from your motherboard vendor site, to get to those two files.

The title of this article led me to it, and solved my problem.

Any title that did not contain the term Linux would not have been found. COM /E:256 /P should become just: FILES=20 BUFFERS=20 SHELL=\COMMAND.

I was thinking of a host virtual engine on linux, running a dos guest operating system, of course in a small configuration for this purpose. Yeah, I guess if you run a Free DOS system (who does?

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