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American serial killer dating show

Cheryl Bradshaw thought she found her dream date when she chose Bachelor #1, Rodney Alcala, on the popular 1970s show THE DATING GAME.

He studied fine art at UCLA after being discharged from the Army for a personality disorder.

The year of his graduation, 1968, was also the year of his first known act of sexual violence — the brutal rape and beating of 8-year-old Tali Shapiro.

In a morbidly appropriate twist of fate, he studied film under Roman Polanski at NYU, where he discovered his passion for fashion photography.

With a warrant out for his arrest, he fled to the east coast and assumed a fake name.

Without her appearance, the police decided to assign him a watered-down charge of assault.

He served only 34 months of this sentence before being released, after he showed psychologists evidence of his rehabilitation.

The discovery of Samsoe’s earrings in the locker, along with jewelry belonging to other missing women, led to Alcala’s arrest.