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How to not take dating so seriously

It’s not the same as it was even fifty, twenty, even ten years ago so why are some people stuck in the past?

The world of dating has evolved so much since then but so many girls are still stuck in time, abiding by the rules created by their grandmothers and viewing courtship as the be all and end all of how all relationships should blossom.

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He isn’t losing sleep about when he will hang out with you again ‘cause he doesn’t even know courtship still exists, the way you do.

The debate is grand over whether chivalry is dead or not but I think, rather than being dead, it is just taking a while longer to present itself than it did in 1950.

So, when a week passes by and you haven’t heard from him, you feel rejected.

Your mind has built up this relationship, this dating world, and you think “Well, he must not even like me if he hasn’t texted me to ask me out again”.

You’ll also be able to evaluate your feelings easier.