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Wesley jonathan dating

This leads Dewey’s father to frequently repeat the phrase “The wrong kid died” throughout the film.

After finally understanding what is most important to him, Dewey regains his sense of smell.

When Dewey stumbles upon a room of groupies smoking with drummer Sam, Sam introduces Dewey to marijuana.

Sam tells Dewey to leave because he “don’t want no part of this shit” (a running gag throughout the film) but Dewey eventually tries it and continues to do so every time he finds Sam with a new drug.

His attitude and drug problems cause him to become unfaithful to Edith.

Dewey’s father then returns to inform Dewey that Dewey’s mother has died.

After his brother’s death is announced by a physician making a housecall, Dewey’s mother sends him to the local store to buy some butter and a candle.

There, he meets a blues guitarist, who lets Dewey play his guitar. In 1953, after a successful, yet oddly controversial, talent show performance, then 14-year-old Dewey decides to leave Springberry with his newly identified 12-year-old girlfriend, Edith.

They soon marry and have a baby; Edith begins to criticize Dewey and insist that his dream of being a musician will never happen.