Start Islamic polygamous dating site

Islamic polygamous dating site

Indeed, Princess Haya is herself the child of a polygamous match with her father, the late King Hussein of Jordan, taking no fewer than four wives, among them the British-born Princess Muna al-Hussein.

"'Despite Qureshi's desire to make her husband happy, things didn't work out quite as she had hoped with her husband spending at most a couple of hours a week at her home, instead of the three to four days they had originally agreed upon.'I would like to find a co-wife who is similar to me,' she smiles.

'I hear these stories of these co-wives where there are three or four of them and they are best friends like the Sex and the City girls.

The woman appeared in a documentary series entitled “Allah in Europe” made by the publicly funded Dutch Liberal Protestant Radio Broadcasting Corporation (VPRO) which was examining the integration of asylum seekers in Sweden.

The film crew were introduced to an asylum seeker with two wives and over half a dozen children when the Swedish woman began to comment on how great she thought polygamy was.

A Muslim leader wants Australian men to be allowed multiple wives and hopes the public will one day support his dream of Islamic marriage equality.

Keysar Trad says polygamy is actually a privilege reserved for women, even though only men are allowed multiple spouses under Islamic law.'If public opinion was pushing for a change, that was consistent with my religion, I would not object to it,' he told Daily Mail Australia on Thursday.

Adriana Venny Aryani, from Indonesia's National Commission on Violence Against Women, said polygamy as facilitated by Ayo Poligami could be harmful to wives."When the husband is practicing polygamy, women are emotionally abused, economically (abused), and sometimes violently," she said, quoted by AFP.

Women’s rights activist Zakia Tunisa told Reuters she was upset and shocked to hear about the app.

Only the good and brave husbands get it,” he said, adding that the dating service is also hoping to attract divorced men and widowers.

Local women’s rights groups have campaigned repeatedly for a total ban on the practice like those in place in other Muslim-majority countries, such as Tunisia.

Where Islamic polygamy is allowed, women are not allowed multiple husbands.