Start David henrie dating gossip

David henrie dating gossip

At a production event Miley sat in the back area and ate pizza and hung out.

But then there are always those nasty stunt dick rumors so I don't know what to believe about him.

These are the kind of shit links you get when you Google this to the smug shit up thread.....

Also OP implied he was looking for more updated info so these discussions don't also evolve into discussion about Frank Sinatra, Forrest Tucker, and Milton Berle If we don't research this stuff, we may find that toxins in the environment are shrinking mens dicks..then this should be a top National Security Concern...

I mean, it would be sad if our biggest Hollywood cock died with Forrest Tucker.

BTW, it's not like I've never said - hey, don't talk, this is too special - either.^^ Warren Beatty's cock has been described as average/slightly above average. Iw headless, butthe next picture was of Chris sitting on the same couch wearing workout clothes and flip flops, the same flip flops as the cock shot. Chris and Zachary have worked together on Star Trek and appear to socialize together.

He got his reputation as a ladies' man because he's a man whore, not because he's well hung. That picture doesn't prove anything except they're friendly and Chris was telling Zach something in a noisy arena.

Somewhere I heard that Chris Isaak was well-hung but I also heard something about he has chronic bad breath too.

But I've got to say he looks good for his age based on pix I remember seeing. His feet are great too, at least size 11No, R84, I was joking.

(And it'll make Blanche crazy jealous.)Chris isn't bs that he has a big one.. But he hasn't been very shy in locker rooms letting it all hang out in gyms in nyc more than one person i know has reported.

He kinda get's off apparently on walking around naked. I'd have to do a lot more research with my mouth and hands to be sure.

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