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So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

Things get a bit more out of control than usual as Cobra Commander tries to find a way to escape the Coutness' control.

After the majority of events of The Final Chapter, both the X-Men and the Misfits must work together to rebuild not only Bayville, but mutantkind. In other words a typical Cobra holiday celebration.

Maybe the gang should go into the demolition business?

The Supertrooper Project was known as Earth's greatest failure, especially after the incident that shut it down. Meanwhile Ray, Pam and Krieger also have to deal with some other statues for another client.

Author has written 1,188 stories for X-Men: Evolution, G. Joe, British Comedy, Keeping Up Appearances, X-Men, Animal Crossing, Misc.

Cartoons, Static Shock, Fantastic 4, Galaxy Rangers, Blackadder, Wolverine & the X-Men, 9, Invader Zim, Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, Archer, and Venture Brothers. You would think that a person with a Masters degree in Education would have better things to do than read and write fanfiction. I enjoy X-Men Evolution, Galaxy Rangers, and GI Joe :)To those who don't know, my favorite AU project deals with a crossover between X-Men Evolution and GI Joe with a little group I call the Misfits.

The company went public in 1970 and continued to expand rapidly.

The company opened their 100th store in 1971 and had 300 stores by 1978.

When another human is found in Ooo, little does anyone know that it is just the beginning of a series of events that will change everything.

Which go awry due to arms dealers, cyborgs, a few ticked off exes, robot birds, a lack of ice machines, and a certain pink haired hologram running amok.

The Misfits and several travelers from the future work to prevent a devastating civil war. My first fic set in Red Witch's "Misfit's Universe" (thanks, RW! What are Spiderman and DR Strange up to in New York, and how will them both (along with Benny of course) fit on the bayville crisis? The Short and Skinny, the Brotherhood cause Mischief and insanity wherever thy go, with some romances and drama tossed in their lives.