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The first was a dish called Canja or thick chicken rice soup.

In particular birds such as Alexander’s swift, the Cape Verde warbler and the Raso lark reside here amongst others, along with reptiles including the Cape Verde giant gecko.

Many of these are now endangered due to human development.

You simply saute some onions, add a whole chicken that’s been cut up into pieces, boullion and water.

Boil these up, add some rice and simmer until the desired consistency. The soup itself is very tasty and I could imagine would be great for a winter’s cold.

The next country on my list is Cabo Verde which is also known as Cape Verde.

It’s an island country in the Atlantic Ocean, 570km (350mi) off the coast of West Africa.

You do need to be wary of the bones from the chicken when eating it but, given how soft the meat is, I would think it would be fairly simple to pick the bones out prior to serving if you were squeamish about such things.