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After that incident, she mastered the art of taiji quan and sought to prove her strength to Jann Lee. This doesn't dampen her spirits, however, and she goes on to train herself for the next tournament.

Humiliated and enraged, and despite it being an accident, Leifang loses her temper and literally kicks the man through a window, out of the now moving train into a lake below the bridge.

When she finally faced Jann Lee, she tells him while demonstrating taiji quan that her martial art was perfected and that she was ready for their battle to "live in his world".

However, Leifang loses again, resulting in Jann Lee retorting, "This isn't the place for you" thinking she is not ready.

She was later given an invitation for a supposed Dead or Alive tournament that was going to be held at Zack Island.

However, she discovered alongside the rest of the prior participants that it was a hoax, but decided to make the best of their situation for the two weeks on the island.

Now known to many as a young genius of taiji quan, Leifang continues to train to defeat Jann Lee. Leifang manages to get to Jann Lee at Freedom Survivor but her fight request is denied in a brutal manner and she ends up encountering Hitomi, whom she is rival with at first impression.

She enters the third Dead or Alive tournament, telling herself; "This time... When she finally reaches him, telling him it was time for her to defeat “the dragon” within him, despite her best efforts, Leifang once again loses the fight. While out in the city, she rescues a young boy from getting kidnapped, easily defeating the kidnappers with her martial art skills, reflecting the time when she was saved by Jann Lee.

Leifang manages to find Jann Lee on a train and follows him.