Start Ludwig serial number dating

Ludwig serial number dating

For reference, my Classic Maple Downbeat kit was made in July, 2012, with consecutive serial numbers on the badge. I'm not sure if anyone is keeping records of current serial numbers. The large keystone badge was used up until 2013 where they switched to the brass recycled trumpet badge as the main badge for classic maple. My 2012 drums are date stamped inside with an ink stamper.

Ludwig will also apply a finish a customer sends to them, if someone wanted a finish they don't offer.

SO WOULD YOU GUYS SAY THESE ARE A EARLIER MAPLE KIT ? THANKS GUYS,, I KNOW THEY ARE A GOOD LINE JUST NOT SURE WHICH ONES AS YOU CANT FIND ANYTHING FROM THE SERIAL NUMBERS,,, translated, or close; In my drums 13 and 14 "are also on the two badges, interesting, In what year were the drums released?

I've seen it on other brands with RIMS style mounting.

One badge will have serial numbers, and the other is plain.

Ironically the set was made in May 2012 and the floor tom was May 2015.

The champagne is a perfect match to the set as well so I was really happy about that!

A couple years after I got my original Super Classics (January of '90) I was getting more toms and they came with 2.

I think they did the two badges so the badge could face out on either side of a mount.

That way, no matter what size was used, a badge was facing out.

I got an 8x12, and a 13x15 ft late last year in Sable Black.

My limited experience generally comes from drooling over all you guys here on the forum that own them.